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Lynx Mortgage Bank LLC is a New York State Licensed Mortgage Bank. From 2004 until 2018 Lynx, both as conventional and FHA HUD approved lender, has been primarily focused on direct residential lending. As a direct lender in New York, Lynx has never charged off a loan and has never defaulted in funding any loan, including during 2007-2008 financial crisis and recent global health pandemic. In 2018 Lynx decided to launch its Commercial Division under supervision of principals utilizing its full management team, including operations manager who previously managed two hundred employees at Institutional Bank. Historically, lynx competes at the highest level in New York, and we have placed conventional lower middle market commercial loans across the board in the Tri state region. Additionally, in 2021 Lynx Commercial expanded to a national footprint for its commercial division, targeting specifically Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. In 2021, Lynx’s Commercial Division’s brokered loans closed in Charleston, SC and Orlando, FL. 

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The Cornerstone Group assists businesses in aligning their capabilities with client needs in the federal, commercial and international marketplaces; gaining valuable insights into client operations and opportunities; identifying the ideal entry point into the client’s organization; and identifying potential teaming partners for market penetration and growth. At The Cornerstone Group, we aim to establish long-term and adaptable relationships that result in opportunities, sustainable growth and increased shareholder wealth. We focus on: Government Contracting / Small Business / Innovative Thinking / Commercial Real Estate Development / Raising Capital / Renewable Energy / Problem Solving / Cash Flow / Advocacy / Global Strategies.

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